Quoting software

How many of your quotations are wasted? How many quotations does it take you to sell one window? Three? Does that sound familiar? And what happens to the rest? You might be wasting your time making quotations for customers that are only "sniffing around". Let your customers help you with the work! Your time (and more importantly, your employees' time) is one of the most valuable resources. Use it wisely! With our unique online quoting system, your customers can post their inquiries directly to you, or make their own quotations in a simplified online interface, and take part of the work! With this service, you can reach more potential customers, and generate more leads to work with. Also, these visitors will get even more involved by taking part of the process. Have a website, that really works for you! Quotation made simple Every customer and every window and door is different. These unique needs require lots of calculation, not only catalogue items. With Genesis Go, you can do all these quotations without a constant headache. Our software does all the calculations for you, based on the actual database and the exact materials of the manufacturers you work with. It means that your quotations will always be accurate, and precise. Genesis Go can also calculate the net price of any window or door, based on the actual material consumtion. Genesis Go quotation software, just like every Genesis Go software, can manage any material and technology the manufacturer uses, no matter it's PVC / vinyl, aluminium, wood, or alu-wood. If you use Genesis Go, there are no more boundaries or limits. You can order items from anywhere in the world, even from more than one manufacturer, and use the database of any number of manufacturers. It's time for some show off! Also, with Genesis Go you can create the best and most accurate 3D visualization in the industry. Prove to your customers that you really are a professional of your field and build trust! You can present your ideas the way you like! Genesis Go can export customizable printable sheets and interactive online presentations as well. See an example here!