Fenestration software for door and window manufacturing

Complete, integrated, industry specific software solution Genesis Go is a complete ERP & design software for door and window manufacturers. Genesis Go manages your projects, partners, inventory, handles network users and usergroups. Genesis Go also controls production, creates statistics and allows you to cooperate with your dealers/distributors via the internet.

CAD for fenestration (Computer Aided Fenestration Design)

Productivity and efficiency are a priority to Genesis Go. It is easy to design regular windows and doors using the catalogue templates, but in reality, this is not enough. Genesis Go CAD is not limited to templates: it is one of the most flexible window & door CAD software solutions: you can design with the geometric freedom of a professional 3D design software. Starting from a scratch catalogue templates, you can design anything you imagine.

The realistic 3D model generated by Genesis Go CAD is based on the exact profiles and materials you use. This precise engineering information is the guarantee of accurate calculations for the quoting system and the manufacturing process.

CNC machine control

Genesis Go is one of the first software solutions with an integrated CNC module. With Genesis Go accurate manufacturing and factory automation is as easy as it should be.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Genesis Go is a complete MRP system. It can schedule your production, automatically handles your inventory and helps you with material orders.